Hotel Tax

Under Chester County Ordinance No. 2017-1, every business holding itself out as a “hotel” must apply a 5% tax (effective 4/1/2017) to each and every rental of a room with a bed. Some tax authorities (other communities throughout the country) sometimes refer to this type of tax as a bed tax, lodging tax, occupancy tax or transiency tax.

Depending on the size or class of the county and the intended use of the collected revenue, some counties may apply a higher tax rate. In Chester County all but 4% of collected hotel tax dollars is paid over to the Chester County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (CCCVB). The intended purpose is to provide the CCCVB with enough funding to allow them to market Chester County in a highly competitive tourism market. The process is cyclical in nature. That is, we generate revenue through taxes from transients in order to successfully promote our community to those we hope will return again.

Hotel Tax Forms