Information Services

The mission of the Department of Computing and Information Services (DCIS) is to provide information systems development, maintenance and support services to County departments so they can effectively and efficiently accomplish their missions.

Chester County incorporates the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in several departments and agencies that use geographic data in their key business functions. Geographic Information Systems integrate spatial data (maps) and tabular data (databases) through computer technology. Get more information on our GIS Services.

In addition to providing support for county departments and employees, DCIS is pleased to host the county’s remote subscription access application to many of the county’s public records.  For a complete list of available records, please visit ChescoPIN. For reports of the county’s public information, please see our available Data Report Requests.

The County also provides a free online mapping application called ChescoViews. ChesoViews shows parcel mapping by owner, address or parcel and also contains current and historical Assessment records. 

Don’t miss our interactive map gallery. This gallery will be refreshed continually, so visit often to see new maps. If there are additional maps that you wish to see in this gallery, please let us know. For more maps, visit our ArcGIS Online site.