CAD / Mobile Data

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CAD Graphic
Chester County will take a giant technological step when it implements a new Intergraph Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system.  CAD is the master database used to coordinate incident location and responder-provider information to dispatch the appropriate first-due and secondary emergency responders.

The new CAD will replace the system in use since 1994 and will provide the platform to add enhancements for Next Generation 9-1-1.  The mobile client, which is the program used on the Mobile Data Computers (MDCs) will provide enhanced situational awareness and functionality for responders.

When the new CAD is deployed it will be integrated with the Harris Radio System, replacing the status message units (SMUs) and enabling automatic vehicle locator (AVL).  In addition, the new CAD will provide enhanced reporting and monitoring for response agencies.
New CAD Backup Beat List and Response Changes

Posted to the Member’s Section of the Chester County Fire Chiefs Association under the Announcements section is the Backup Beat lists (run streams) and default structure fire response choices for each station in the new Intergraph CAD system. Please make any necessary modifications and email the revised documents to You must have Microsoft Excel to open and edit the document. The first tab contains the backup lists and the second tab contains the default structure fire responses. REMINDER: You can only modify the backup beats after Primary ALS and before the County 1500 beat.

Questions can be directed to DES Staff will be present at the Chief Officer's update on January 24th to review this information in greater detail. Copies of responses from PRC CAD may be requested on an individual basis. All modified responses need to be returned to DES by 02/29/2016.

Also in the Member’s Section is a beat list definition spreadsheet which is separated by County (Beat_List.xlsx) and the presentation from Thursday night's Association meeting (Response_Planning_Presentation.pdf).